The Baby Rex pops out for a visit!

The Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex is a baby T-Rex that resides with its mom on Rock Island. The Baby T-Rex lives in an egg.


Tyrannosaurus Rex

If the player drops the egg 3 times on the island, it will come out of the egg and call for its mom, the Adult T. Rex. This will then start the Tyrannosaurus Rex boss battle, which Pygmies fight using the Spear. The baby T. Rex lives inside the egg and never comes out except to call for its mom. When it pops back in, the cracks on the egg are sealed.

As a Meteor

The egg it lives in can be dropped on pygmies like the meteor, and the Pygmy Bowling achievement can be done with it alongside the meteor.


The Baby T-Rex poking his head out with the Halloween Skin Pack

Alternate Skins

Using the Halloween Skin Pack and Holiday Skin Packs, the egg the baby T-Rex lives in can be changed to a present or a jack-o-lantern (respectively), as well as an Alien egg by the Alien World Skin Pack.

Baby T-Rexs in other iPod/iPhone Apps

The Creeps!

The baby T. Rex appears as an enemy (along side the Pygmies) in 'The Creeps!' when the Pocket God enemies are turned on. It is the weakest Pocket God enemy, having only one hit point. In 'The Creeps!', the baby T. rex is in it's egg, so you never get to see it's body, just like in Pocket God.


  • In Ep 15: A New Home, you couldn't see the baby T-rex, you could only pick up his egg and bowl or crush pygmies with it. It never appeared until Ep 16: The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back.
  • The Baby T. Rex is the only creature in Pocket God to appear in another iPod Touch/iPhone App.
    • It is also one of the three non-Pygmy objects/creatures in Pocket God to appear in another iPod Touch/iPhone App, the others being the T-Rex Egg and the coconut.