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A Brain is an object that appears in the Thought Bubbles of Zombie Pygmies. It was first introduced Ep 26: Dead Pygmy Walking.


The brain is the food of choice for Zombie Pygmies. Because the brain, as it appears in the thought bubble, does not actually appear in the game, it is assumed that the brain represents other Pygmies. However, because nothing happens when you fulfill a Thought Bubble request (such as in Pocket God Facebook), it isn't clear that biting other Pygmies is actually what the brain in the thought bubble means. The brain appears to be pink or red.

Pocket God Comics

In the Pocket God Comics, the Zombie versions of Klik, Booga, Klak, and Dooby torn Nooby apart in search of brains, but didn't find any. The Zombies then turned their attention to Ooga.

Also, zombies in the Infestation Crossover comic appeared as a large herd that attacked the pygmies. Oddly enough, targetting a Noob destroyed them all.


  • It is the first thought bubble object that ever appeared in-game.
  • Actual brains are gray, not pink.
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