The burnt fish

The Burnt Fish is a fish that has been burnt that first appeared in Ep 20: Stop! My App is On Fire!. It is burnt, and is colored black.


To Make It Appear

The burnt fish is exclusive to Rock Island. To make it appear, the fish icon must be toggled on, and a fish must be caught with the fishing rod. Once it is caught, toggle on the fire icon and create a campfire. Hold the fish over the fire and it will become a cooked fish. Keep holding the cooked fish over the fire and it will burn it, turning it into a burnt fish. Drop it on the ground and a Pygmy will pick it up and eat it, causing it to choke on it and fall into the water.


Also, the burnt fish can be picked up, where it can be dropped back into the water, or can be used to slap the Pygmies. It is also affected by gravity and can be picked up by the hurricane.

Dodo Bird

Another thing is that the dodo bird will pick up the burnt fish. Hilariously, if a Pygmy is holding the burnt fish, the dodo bird will pick up the Pygmy instead, causing the Pygmy to drop the burnt fish and be carried away. The dodo bird will also pick up fish and cooked fish.


  • The burnt fish is the first burnt food in Pocket God.
  • The burnt fish is the only burnt food that first appeared in the same episode that the campfire was introduced in.
  • The burnt fish is the only burnt food in Pocket God that is exclusive to a single island.
  • You can simply drop the fish on the campfire to cook and burn it, thus negating the need to hold it. This is a simple way to create burnt fish.
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