A Pygmy warming himself by the fire.

The Campfire is a fire fueled by three logs of Wood that first appeared in Ep 20: Stop! My App is On Fire!. It has an orange flame.


The campfire is exclusive to Rock Island. To get it you must first toggle on the campfire icon. This will make three pieces of Firewood and a dirt circle surrounded by rocks appear. If a Pygmy is near a piece of firewood, it will pick it up, walk over to the dirt circle and drop it in. Once all three pieces are in the dirt circle, strike it with Lightning to create a campfire.

Uses and Abilities


The main use of the campfire is to cook things with it. You can cooking abilities are the following:

If you cook a Pygmy over the campfire, it becomes a marshmallowed pygmy, which can be used to slap Pygmies and create an ice geyser. If a fish or dodo bird is cooked over the fire, you get a cooked fish or cooked dodo bird respectively, which can be eaten by Pygmies. If you cook those you'll get a burnt fish or burnt dodo bird respectively, which Pygmies will choke on and fall into the water if eaten.


If you tap the campfire, it will flare and set alight any Pygmies that are close enough. They will then run and jump into the water to put the fire out, and will drown if they are left there.

Pocket God Facebook

The campfire, or any fire in general, does not appear in Pocket God Facebook (not counting the burst of flame blasting a Pygmy into the sky when he or she eats a Bomb Fruit). The cooked dodo bird is created, instead of the campfire, by zapping the dodo bird with lightning (in the original game this will make it a burnt dodo bird).