The Chocolate Treat

Chocolate Treats are limited time power-ups in Pocket God Facebook. They were released in Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye along with Chocoro the Bunny. They appear again in Facebook Ep. 14: Wrath of the Frightened in a small Easter event for 2012.


The Chocolate Treats appear as green woven baskets with some chocolate bunnies and eggs in them.


In both the 2011 and 2012 Easter events, the Chocolate Treats are used so that the player can treat his/her friends for 2 Pocket Change. If the player chooses to send it, the recipient will get a post on their wall and will then be able to use the chocolate treat to restore 8 Energy points.


  • It is similar to the limited-time Valentine's Day Valentine Treats, though the Chocolate Treat can be used to restore more devotion. This is also similar to the Candy Treat.
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