The Cocodrink is an alcoholic beverage drank by Pygmies in Pocket God on Facebook. It is found in the Cocodrink Fridge and was introduced in Facebook Ep. 1: Pocket God, antisocial.


It is a halved coconut with a slice of lime and a purple and pink umbrella in it. It also has a blue straw that the pygmies drink the liquid from.


If a Pygmy wants a drink (or is placed there by a player when the Pygmy asks for it by way of a Thought Bubble) he or she will go to Cocodrink Fridge, open it up, and then drink their fill. But it may be obvious that the Cocodrink contains alcohol, because when they are done, they will slam the refrigerator door behind them and stagger around the island as a Drunken Pygmy. It is interesting to note, however, that when the player opens up the cocodrink fridge to stick Pygmies inside there is no cocodrink, but when a pygmy opens the fridge up him or herself, there is one Cocodrink.

Gallery of Pygmies Drinking Cocodrink

Alcoholic Properties


A regular girl pygmy compared to a girl pygmy that had just drank a cocodrink.

It is believed that the cocodrink contains alcohol, because after drinking it, the Pygmy will become drunken and will walk drunkenly, burp, laugh at random things, and seem tired. However, it could be that the drink contains little or no alcohol but that Pygmies aren't as strong as resisting its affects. This would explain the similar drunken phenomenon with Root Beer, which doesn't contain alchohol but sees powerful enough to intoxicate the Pygmies.


Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 6.12.34 PM

A Pygmy wanting a Cocodrink in her thought bubble

The cocodrink is involved in a mission to supply cocodrinks to Pygmies that desire one. In addition, answering Cocodrink grace requests is one of the ways to help beat Mother Nature.


  • It is believed that the pygmies all drink from the same cocodrink because when one pygmy drinks it, they put it back into the fridge. This is most likely impossible because each pygmy takes many big sips. If the player is on for a long time, and many pygmies drink from it, the cocodrink would have run out. This is unlike the Root Beer, which visibly goes lower every time a Pygmy drinks it. For each Pygmy to have a full glass when the last glass drank was drained, each Pygmy must drink their own glass.
  • It is unknown where they get the straws from.
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