A Cooked Dodo Bird (or a Fried Dodo) is a Dodo Bird that has been cooked in some way. It appears in Pocket God and Pocket God Facebook. In Pocket God, its first appearance was Ep 21: Flipping the Bird and in Facebook it is Facebook Ep. 3: The Birds. It is roasted, looks like roast chicken and is colored light brown.


The cooked dodo bird is exclusive to Rock Island. To make it appear, the Dodo icon and campfire icon must be toggled on. First, create a campfire. Hold the Dodo Bird over the fire and it will be cooked. Drop it on the ground and a Pygmy will pick it up and eat it. Holding a cooked dodo bird over the fire for too long will burn it, turning it into a burnt dodo bird.

Also, the cooked dodo bird can be picked up, where it can be dropped back into the water, or can be used to slap the Pygmies. It is also affected by gravity and can be picked up by the hurricane.

Pocket God Facebook


The new appearance of the Cooked Dodo Bird in the Facebook version

The dodo bird was introduced to Pocket God Facebook in Facebook Ep. 3: The Birds. Instead of cooking the dodo bird by the fire, you zap it with lightning (there is no Burnt Dodo Bird in Pocket God Facebook). If you give the cooked dodo bird to a Pygmy when they ask for it via a Grace Request, you will get 1 point of Devotion (2 with the Mother Nature Idol). In later episodes, its appearance was changed from a cripsy brown bird to a more generic, Thanksgiving turkey-like appearance. Strangely, the image of the Cooked Dodo Bird within the Pygmy's thought bubble remained the old image for a couple of weeks before it was updated to the new image.


  • The Cooked Dodo Bird is the only cooked food in Pocket God that is exclusive to a single Island.
  • The Cooked Dodo Bird is the only cooked food that didn't appear in 'Ep 20: Stop! My App is on Fire!'. This is because the dodo bird wasn't introduced until Ep 21: Flipping the Bird.
  • In Pocket God Facebook, if a Pygmy to eat the bird and is interrupted, the player can no longer grab the cooked dodo until a Pygmy eats it.
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