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Customization is the ability to personalize the features of the Pocket God World in ways that alter their original form more to your preference. In the iPhone/iPod Touch game, not only can you change the physical characteristics of an island you can also change the type of dances that the Pygmies perform and the physical appearance of the bosses they face (i.e. the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Ice Monster, and the Barking Spider). As of now, the Facebook version only allows you to customize the Pygmies, and new items can be purchased with Sacrifice Points and Pocket Change. So far, this ability is included the original Pocket God game and Pocket God Facebook.

Pocket God

Known as Customization Packs, these are groups of packs that allow you to change the features of the islands. Each skin pack cost 99 cents, except for the Fishmas pack, and are as follows.

Holiday Skin Pack

Holiday skin pack

A holiday customized Rock Island

Halloween Skin Pack

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skin Pack

IMG 0183

This changes the appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex on Rock Island.


  • Green Body
  • Metal
  • Dragon
  • Pygmy
  • Prisoner
  • Purple


  • Santa Hat
  • Top Hat
  • HeadPhones
  • Pygmy-style
  • Viking Hat
  • Sombrero


  • Skull
  • Heart
  • Tribal
  • Lightning
  • Racing Number

Ice Monster Skin Pack


Changes the appearance of the Ice Monster on the Ice Island. (Default monster throws Snowballs)

  • Bear throws baseballs
  • Robot throws robotic balls with two antennas
  • Yeti throws manure
  • Snowman throws snowman heads
  • Japanese Robot (see right) throws spiky balls
  • Stone throws stone cubes
  • Pink Bunny throws cotton

Alien World Skin Pack

The Dance Pack


The Pants on the Ground Dance.


  • Pants on the Ground
  • All The Single Ladies
  • The Robot
  • The Chicken Dance
  • The Fan Dance
  • Staying Alive (Backup)

The Vampire

  • Staying Alive (Lead)
  • Selected Pygmy Dance


  • Smooth Criminal
  • Thriller

Retro Gamer Skin Pack


Sand Island customized with the Retro Gamer Skin Pack

Dance Pack Too


  • Pocket God Update Song
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Fart Dance
  • Running Man
  • River Dance
  • Ballet
  • Break Dancing

Medieval Skin Pack

Fishmas Skin Pack

Japanese Skin Pack

Spider Skin Pack

IMG 0693

The spider "Dog" custom skin

Changes the appearance of the Barking Spider on Graveyard Island.

  • Dog
  • Robot
  • Cute
  • Dino
  • Alien
  • Monkey
  • Ice
  • Pygmy

Pimp Skin Pack

Shark Skin Pack

Changes the appearance of the Shark in the water of all the islands.

  • Alien Shark
  • Demon Shark
  • Girly Shark
  • Dino Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Robot Shark
  • Tiger Shark
  • Toy Shark
  • Crystal Laser
  • Cute Laser
  • Pimped Out Laser
  • Retro Laser
  • Rusty Laser
  • Wicked Laser

Mafia Skin Pack

More skin packs can be found at the Skin Packs category!

Pocket God Facebook


The Customization Store (Hair Bone section)

The Customization Store, or Clothing Store and Customization, is a feature of Pocket God Facebook allows you to customize the appearance of the Pygmies on Facebook introduced in Facebook Ep. 4: Dressed To Kill. This consists of the new Customization Store, which allows to to change your pygmies' bone, ponytail, hair, torso, and grass skirt. Some features are free, some cost Pocket Change, and others cost Sacrifice Coins. The customizable items are the following:

The * items were only available for a limited time

But items marked by ~ means that an item that was gone in the store has came back

Pocket God Facebook Customisation

Pocket God Facebook Customisation


  • No accessory (Free)
  • Small Bone (Free)
  • Big Bone (Free)
  • Butterfly (25 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pink Butterfly (25 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Banana (385 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Halo (14 Bones)
  • Bamboo Stick (425 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Clover (9 Bones)*
  • Easter Nest (9 Bones)*
  • Klak's Bone (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Nooby's Bone (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Dooby's Bone (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Booga's Bone (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Star (12 Bones)*
  • Kunai/Shuriken (100 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pirate Knife (85 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Crossed Bones (50 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Wrench (3 Bones)
  • Robot Arm (40 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Saturn Rings (150 Sacrifice Coins)
  • UFO (7 Bones)
  • Bull Horns (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Imp Trident (Mystery Prize)
  • Amerindian Feathers (450 Sacrifice Coins)



Screenshot from the customization store

  • No Hairlock (Free)
  • Female Black Hairlock (Free)
  • Male Black Hairlock (Free)
  • Palm Tree Hairlock (3 Bones)
  • Ringed Hairlock (5 Bones)
  • Red Braid (14 Bones)
  • Black Hook (50 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Red Tail (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Black Tail (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Piggy Tail (100 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Blue Tail (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Fluffy Tail (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Female Pink Hairlock (187 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Male White Hairlock (375 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Red Hairlock (57 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Blue Male Lock (57 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Easter Corkscrew (9 Bones) ~
  • Easter Braid (9 Bones)*
  • Klak's Ponytail (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Nooby's Ponytail (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Dooby's Ponytail (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Booga's Ponytail (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pirate Dreads (15 Bones)
  • Parrot (65 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Antenna (45 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Alien Eyestalk (18 Bones)
  • Alien Antenna (350 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Martian Antennas (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Cowboy Ponytail (50 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Rapunzel Braid (100 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Imp Hairlock (Mystery Prize)
  • War Bonnet (20 Bones)


313479 217760388282820 118036478255212 604346 1962748170 n

Pygmies in their Western clothes

  • Bald Head (2 Bones)
  • Black Female Hair (Free)
  • Black Male Hair (Free)
  • Red Male Hair (Free)
  • Red Female Hair (Free)
  • White Male Hair (Free)
  • Blue Male Hair (Free)
  • Blond Female Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pink Female Hair (Free)
  • Curly Yellow Hair (300 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Red Hair (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Black Hair (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Feral Pink Hair (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Klak's Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Nooby's Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Dooby's Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Booga's Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Grey Ninja Hair (75 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Blond Ninja Hair (120 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Raider Scalp (30 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Metal Hair (11 Bones)
  • Electron Hair (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Male Alien 'Do (200 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Female Alien 'Do (200 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Alien Hairdo (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Female Imp Hair (Mystery Prize)
  • Male Imp Hair (Mystery Prize)
  • Iroqouis Hair (60 Bones)
  • Vampire Hair (30 Bones)


  • Bare Torso (Free)
  • Blue Shell Bra (Free)
  • Pink Shell Bra (Free)
  • Master Tribal Top (20 Bones)
  • Painful Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Angry Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Joker Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Bull Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Happy Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Sad Tribal Top (1000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Banana Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Carrot Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Strawberry Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pineapple Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Cucumber Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Coconut Shirt (500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Male Baron Top (25 Bones)
  • Female Baron Top (25 Bones)


  • Censor Bar (18 Bones)
  • Yellow Skirt (Free)
  • Green Skirt (Free)
  • Tartan Skirt (4,450 Sacrifice Coins)
  • White Loincloth (Free)
  • Tutu (18 Bones)
  • Green Skirt (17 Bones)
  • Swim Ring (Not safe for swimming) (One Free; 1,450 Sacrifice Coins for another)
  • Easter Blue Shirt (9 Bones)*
  • Klik's Skirt (2,500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Booga's Skirt (2,500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Independance Skirt (10 Bones)*
  • Wrench Skirt (400 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Sailor Shirt (400 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Pirate Shorts (5 Bones)
  • Roboshorts (250 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Electron Skirt (2,000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Alien Skirt (1,000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Martian Skirt (3,500 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Spacesuit Skirt (12 Bones)
  • Ruffled Skirt (16 Bones)
  • Jean Shorts (2,000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Cloth Skirt (400 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Princess Skirt (18 Bones)
  • Princely Breeches (1,000 Sacrifice Coins)
  • Amerindian Skirt (1,500 Sacrifice Coins)

Comic Book Week

Main article: Facebook Ep. 8: Hi-Islander#Comic Week

In honor of the Pocket God Comics, Pocket God Facebook had a week in which everyday was dedicated to a certain member of Tribe Ookga Chaka and clothing similar to what that character wore in the comics was sold on the store.

Ninja Pirate Robot Intermission

Pocket God Facebook added Ninja, Pirate, and Robot items to the clothing store once a week for three weeks.

Aliens VS Cowboys and Princess

Pocket God Facebook added Alien, Cowboy, and Princess items to the clothing store once a week for three weeks.


  • Some of the pygmy customizations in Facebook go against the laws of Nature. A prominent example is the Inner Tube.
  • The Ninja Custom Pack clearly reference the Naruto franchise
  • Klik's eyeglasses are not present, possibly because there isn't a hat button yet.
  • During Comic Book Week there was no Ooga, possibly because Ooga looks so similar to a normal Pygmy.
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