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Deva, God of Death is one of the idols in the Battle of the Gods mini-game, representing the god of battle. It is the idol for Ep 40: Battle of the Gods.

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Deva, the God of Death


Deva is a muscular man with spiked black hair with Devil/Bull Horns and wears armor along with a chain and black cape. A stone hoop floats behind him.


  • Play Battle of the Gods. (Enter the arena!)
  • Use a Counter Attack. (Shield's up!)
  • Use a Fast Attack. (The fast and the furious.)
  • Use a Strong Attack. (I've got the Power!)
  • Use an Oceanus Realm Attack. (Poseidon's adventure.)
  • Use an Aeris Realm Attack. (Air it out!)
  • Use an Infernis Realm Attack. (Summon the power of the underworld.)
  • Use an Animus Realm Attack. (Use your animal magnetism!)
  • Use a Pax Realm Attack. (Peace and Love!)
  • Win a battle. (To the victor goes the spoils.)
  • Lose a battle. (Can't win 'em all!)
  • Boost Your attack damage. (Get a booster shot!)
  • Boost all damage types. Or Try using the tsunami god in a battle(Get a series of booster shots.)
  • Activate defense against attack damage. (Use protection!)
  • Activate Defense Against All Damage Types. (The best offense...)
  • Drain health from an enemy. (Take a hint from the vampires!)
  • Reflect damage back to the enemy. (I'm rubber and you're glue!)
  • Inflict Realm damage on an enemy. (You're out of your realm!)
  • Heal from a Realm effect. (Take your medicine!)
  • Cause damage during a tie. (Tie them in knots!)
  • Cancel enemy Realm effects. (You have no effect on me!)
  • Drain level points. (Get e'm off level!)
  • Freeze an enemy's idol. (Take away a weapon.)
  • Power up all idols with a single attack.
  • Resurrect after death. (Call it a comeback!)
  • Unfreeze One of your idols. (Thaw it out.)
  • Defeat Deva. (Overcome all evil!)

Battle Info

  • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a spiked Bone Skull shield and a tan sword.
  • On the attack, the Pygmy marches forward and slashes with his sword.
  • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A large brown monster wraps its tongue around the Pygmy, shakes him a few times, and then devours him.
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols +4400 points toward Level Up.

Level Stats

Deva, God of Death's Particular Power does not increase as it levels up.

Level Health Damage
1 20 25
2 40 50
3 60 75
4 80 100
5 100 125
6 120 150
7 140 175
8 160 200
9 180 225
10 200 250
11 220 275
12 240 300
13 260 325
14 280 350
15 300 375
16 320 400
17 340 425
18 360 450
19 380 475
20 400 500


  • Deva, God of Death is named after Dave Castelnuovo, similar to how Annal, God of Life was named after Allan Dye.
  • The Challenge item Use a Infernis Realm Attack is misspelled from the usual Infernus Realm.
  • Deva's Physical appearance bears a resemblance to the villain Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Deva is also a sanskrit word for deity, and, rarely, for demon.
  • After Episode 41, the player just has to fight and beat Deva to unlock him.
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