Bait Master is the 23rd episode of Pocket God and was released on August 5, 2009. It is a crossover with Imangi Studio's game Harbor Master.

New Features

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Promotional artwork for this episode

Bait Master Mini-Game

Main Article: Bait Master (Mini-Game)

This episode added a mini-game to The Underwater Area known as Bait Master. When the Anchor is dropped, some vicious, bloodthirsty piranhas enter and begin eating the swimming Pygmies. The player must guide the piranha without it making contact with any other piranha by making a path towards a Pygmy and then, when it is satisfied, lead it off screen. The more piranhas "served" the faster they come on screen. If the piranha makes contact with another piranha, they eat each other and both die and all the other piranhas swim off the screen. This makes the mini-game end.


This update also added improvements to Ooga Jump, there are no longer any situations where you can't jump anymore and the Doodler appears sooner and only one at a time.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the piranha.
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