Sharks with Frickin' Laser-Beams Attached to Their Heads, or just Sharks with Fuckin' Laser Beams, is the 25th episode of Pocket God. It was released on September 2nd, 2009.

New Features

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Promotional artwork for this episode

This update added a chum bucket to The Underwater Area which players can use to attract a shark with laser headgear. The shark will shoot the pygmies using its laser beams which is controlled by the accelerometer on the iPhone/iPod Touch. This creates a mini-game where you see how many Pygmies you can blast with lasers. Also, if you give the chum to Pygmies the shark will eat them. Also, you can toggle the chum bucket or the anchor from Ep 23: Bait Master on and off. The name is a reference to the Austin Powers films.


  • The Episode title is a reference to the films Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Goldmember.
    • In the first Austin Powers film, the Villain Dr. Evil wanted to kill Austin and Vanessa with Sharks with beeping laser beams attatched to their beeping heads but he did not have them.
    • In Goldmember, Dr. Evil's clone son Scott gave his father two sharks with real funtioning laser beams attached to their heads.
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