Not to be confused with the Blue Fish from the Facebook Version

The Fish (known as Blue Fish without any customization) is a fish that first appeared in Ep 12: Something's Fishy of Pocket God. It has blue eyes, is colored blue, and is caught with the Fishing Rod. It has a dorsal fin, pectoral fins and a caudal fin.

Pocket God

The fish only appears when the fish icon is toggled on. When toggled on, a fishing rod will appear. If a Pygmy walks past it, it might use the fishing rod. When it is used, a fish's shadow will move across the surface of the ocean. If it moves under the fishing rod's float, the fish will bite the hook, the Pygmy will catch it and it will be flung onto the island where a different Pygmy can then pick it up and eat it alive.




On Rock Island, in Ep 20: Stop! My App is On Fire!, the fish can be cooked over the campfire and can be eaten as a cooked fish. Hold it over the fire too long and it will become a burnt fish, which a Pygmy will choke on if eaten, causing it to fall into the water. The fish can also be cooked in the igloo on Ice Island, by dropping it in the igloo, followed by a Pygmy, who will then cook and eat it.

Ice Hole

Also, in Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole, the fish can be dropped into the ice hole on Ice Island, however, this does nothing. This may have been done on purpose to be a hinderance, as sometimes when a Pygmy catches the fish, when it is flung onto the island, it sometimes lands in the ice hole, meaning you have to wait for another fish.

God Powers

Also, the fish can be picked up, where it can be dropped back into the water, or can be used to slap the Pygmies. It is also affected by gravity and can be picked up by the hurricane.

Dodo Bird

Another thing is that the dodo bird will pick up the fish. Hilariously, if a Pygmy is holding the fish, the dodo bird will pick up the Pygmy instead, causing the Pygmy to drop the fish and be carried away. The dodo bird will also pick up cooked fish and burnt fish.

Alternate Fish Forms

Gallery of the Fish


  • Oddly, the fish is not available on Graveyard Island. However, it can be taken there by changing to Graveyard Island from any other island while having the fish on the island.
  • In The Underwater Area, a school of fish can be seen in the background, it could be a school of the same fish, but this can't be confirmed as the school of fish are in shadow as they are too distant.
  • The fish can be dropped in the ice hole on Ice Island, however this does nothing, despite the fact that it is one of only two items that can be dropped in the ice hole, the other being Marshmallowed Pygmies.
  • The fish is the first creature in Pocket God that doesn't harm the Pygmies.
  • The fish is the first and only creature in Pocket God that is safe to eat alive.
  • Fishmas is based around fish.
  • Oddly, the fish may look harmless on land but in water (not in the underwater area) it has the appearence of a piranha.
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