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The Pygmies carolling under their Fishmas tree

Fishmas is the name of a holiday celebrated by Tribe Ookga Chaka of Pygmies in the Pocket God World. It is the subject of the Pocket God Fishmas Special and a customization pack of the same name. It's name is a portmanteau of Fish and Christmas.



In light of the holidays, Bolt Creative has decided to release a new animated short as sort of a holiday card in the next week or so. The subject would be Christmas, but the Pygmies live in "prehistory" so they've never heard of it. Therefore they created a new holiday which is called "Fishmas". As well as the animated short, known as the Pocket God Fishmas Special, a free Fishmas Skin Pack was released with Ep 36: Konkey Dong. This skin pack includes a new dance that uses music from the animation, turning the Sand Island Statue into a Fishmas Tree, and the Moon into a Fishmas Moon.


Pocket God Fishmas Special

Pocket God Fishmas Special

Pocket God Fishmas Special

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The Fishmas holiday special portrays the Pygmies celebrating Fishmas by giving each other fish, but Klik feels that instead of selfishly given each other presents they should be paying respect to the gods. However, Klik is silenced when a Meteor hits him and the other Pygmies are relieved he isn't critizing them anymore.

12 Days of Fishmas


12 Days of Fishmas Sneak Preview of "The Runs"

For Ep 42: Bone Soup, the Fishmas pack has an addition of the Pygmies singing the "Twelve Days of Fishmas" song. The Twelve days of Fishmas was celebrating Christmas in 2011. The lyrics are:

"...On the twelfth day of Fishmas the gods bestowed on me, Twelve sharks a-zapping, Eleven ghosts a-haunting, Ten piranhas chewing, Nine monkeys ripping, Eight T-rex molars, Seven double rainbows, Six electrocutions, Five body parts, Four dodo turds, Three pygmies fried, Two rotten fish, And brain damage from the coconut tree..."

Twelve Days Of Fishmas


  • So far, this is the only holiday the Pygmies have celebrated, as the "Holiday Skin Pack" was just generic holiday items.
  • The reason for having a made-up holiday is presumably because not everyone celebrates Christmas.