The Holiday Skin Pack was the third customization skin pack created for Pocket God, and was added to the game in Ep 29: The Pyg Chill. It is able to be purchased for 99 cents. The skin pack was created for the player to decorate their Pocket God game with Christmas and holiday themed items.

Customization Abilities

The skin pack allows the player to change the things in Pocket God to Christmas themes.

  • Meteor - transformed into green and red striped ornament ball with a gold top known as the "Ornament" or a ball of sheer ice with a random pygmy in it known as the "Ice Ball." Note: The pygmy inside the iceball does not count towards the total number of pygmies that are allowed to be on the island at one time (7). Also, the pygmy is named Qian Liu and is hinting that there are or were other pygmies rather than the original six.
  • Dodo - turned into a red and yellow toy bird (see picture) and is called the "Toy Dodo."
  • Blue Fish - turned into a red fish candy that is meant to reference the candy known as Swedish Fish (see picture), and is known by the name of "Gummy Fish."
  • T-Rex Egg - turned into a red and white striped present with a gold box surounding it (see picture) and is known as "A Present."
  • Outhouse - into made of gingerbread cookies and is covered with multicolored frosting (see picture), it is known as "Ginger Bread Outhouse."
  • Spear - turns into a long candy cane and is called the "Candy Cane Spear."
  • Volcano - turns into a large red, green, and white palace-like building with flags and candy canes, called "Santa's Workshop."
  • Coconut - into a red ornament ball and is called "Ornament Coconut."
  • Pine Tree - the tree on Ice Island is decorated with multi-colored Christmas lights and a wite star on top. It is called, "Decorated."
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into a tall nutcracker statue with no legs, but with feet and 2 arms jutting out like the original statue. It has a blue crown on, a long white beard, a brown mustache, bright red cheeks and nose, and it's mouth is open. It is titled, "Nut Cracker Statue."
  • Underwater Statue - turns into into a mean-looking vicious octopus statue encased in blue ice. It is called the "Ice Octopus."
  • All of the islands (except the Underwater location) can be showered with snow and random colored presents (see picture) called "Christmas Extras."


  • This is called the Holiday Skin Pack, presumably, because not everyone celebrates Christmas. It is later learned, the Pygmies of Tribe Ookga Chaka celebrate an entirely different holiday known as Fishmas.