The Iceberg that turns out to be the Ice Monster's head

The Iceberg looks like a large piece of ice that has broken off from the mainland of Ice Island and now floats in the distance, but it is more than what it seems. It was introduced in Ep 29: The Pyg Chill.

Ice Monster

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The Iceberg can be toggled on and off. When a Pygmy is flicked and hits it, it will reveal itself to be the head of the gigantic Ice Monster, the boss of this island. Unlike the other bosses, which are fought with a spear, the Ice Monster is fought by flicking Pygmies at it. When the monster's health bar is depleted, he will crack into pieces then fall back into the water.


  • The Ice Monster is the only boss that hides in plain sight as an iceberg. The others jump onto the screen from the side.
  • There is another iceberg in the distance of Ice Island, but nothing happens if you flick a Pygmy onto it.
  • When the Ice Monster is defeated and cracks into pieces, the iceberg will reappear.
  • When it is toggled on, iceberg is simply reflected in the water and shows no sign of being the top of the Ice Monster's head. PUPPIES