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The Mafia Skin Pack was released with Ep 40: Battle of the Gods. It can be bought for 99 cents at the Customization pack store in Pocket God.

Customization Abilites

  • Meteor - Turns into a Money Sack or a Roulette Wheel.
  • Dodo Bird - Turn into a Gangster Bird.
  • Fish - Turns into a Missing Finger.
  • Doodler - Turns into a Scarface Doodler.
  • T-Rex Egg - Turns into a Detonator Egg.
  • Coconut - Turns into a Casino Chip or a Dice.
  • Outhouse - Turns into a Jailhouse.
  • Spear - Turns into a Tommy Gun.
  • Volcano - Turns into a NY Skyline or a Mafia Hat.
  • Sand Island Statue - Turns into a Cement Shoes Statue.
  • Underwater Statue - Turns into a Buried Cadillac Statue.
  • Moon - Turns into a Pepperoni Pizza or a Pocket God Sign.
  • Igloo - Turns into a Casino.
  • The island extras add Lamp Posts, Bricks, Fire Hydrants, Crowbars, Oil Spills, and Trash Cans to the islands.