Magic Mushrooms food in Pocket God Facebook. They were introduced in Facebook Ep. 7: Supersize PygMe. They are found on the Purple Mushroom and have magical properties that change the appearance of the Pygmies on Facebook quite drastically.

Pocket God Facebook Mushroom

Pocket God Facebook Mushroom

Using the Mushrooms in Pocket God Facebook


The Magic Mushrooms appear as a red fungi with white spots. As with the plant it comes from, the Purple Mushroom, the top of the mushroom is triangle shaped.


The Mushrooms have two main interactions with the Pygmies.

Giant Pygmy

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When a Pygmy eats a mushroom, the Pygmy then proceeds to enlarge greatly in size, becoming a Giant Pygmy.

Sacrificing Pygmies

If the Giant Pygmy then has another mushroom, he or she will be shot off into the sky, and zoom around while he is rapidly deflating as air is sucked out of him, and then be slammed back down onto the sand normal size and killed, leaving a crater. The Rival God for killing Pygmies with mushrooms is The Smuck.


  • Its effects are similar to the "Eat Me" cake in Alice in Wonderland.
    • It is also similar to the mushrooms from the Mario series of games.
  • They can be bounced on Pygmies heads like Bomb Fruit and Coconuts.
  • When a Pygmy eats a mushroom for the second time and shoots off into the sky, it is in the manner of when a Pygmy eats a Bomb Fruit, though if a Pygmy eats a bomb they will not come back down to the island.
  • Another similarity between the two foods is that both grow in clumps of three on their respective bush.
  • So far, it is unclear if the Magic Mushroom will ever be a Grace Item.
  • It is most likely a spoof of mushrooms in the Super Mario video game series.
  • Magic Mushrooms will teleport in front of a pygmy before they eat it. This also happens with coconuts.
  • Magic Mushrooms are the only edible source of food not to be a Grace Item.
  • On some computers, there is a glitch when you feed a giant Pygmy a mushroom, the giant Pygmy that ate it will double in size, then blast off, and when they come back down, they are the size of a normal giant Pygmy again.
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