The Medieval Skin Pack was released with Ep 35: Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky. It can be bought for 99 cents at the Custom Pack Store in Pocket God.

Customzation Abilites

This makes things in Pocket God Medieval

  • Meteor - turns into a Spiked Ball or Shield
  • Dodo Bird - turns into a Dragon Dodo which has green scaley skin, light green bat-like wings, and green feet with black claws.
  • Fish - turns into a Dragon Fish which is pink and has yellow fins.
  • Doodler - turns into Sir Doodler which it just gives Doodler armor and a sword.
  • T-Rex Egg - turns into a Jeweled Egg which is red with gold jewels on it and is on a flat gold pedestal.
  • Coconut - turns into a Gold Coin which is a coin with a picture of a Pygmy on it.
  • Outhouse - turns into an Iron Maiden which is made of wood and has spikes inside.
  • Spear - the Spear turns into a Knight's Sword which is a normal sword.
  • Volcano - turns into a King's Castle which is made of stone and has moss on it.
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into a Knight Statue which is a suit of armor.
  • Underwater Statue - turns into a Lion Statue which is made of stone and has white teeth.
  • Moon - turns into a Rune 1, Rune 2, or a Rune 3.
  • Igloo - turns into a Castle Igloo which is made of stone and has moss on it.
  • The Islands extras add moss, treasure chests, crowns, swords, stones and weapons.