Screenshot of Ooga Jump

Ooga Jump is a minigame that crossed-over with Lima Sky's Doodle Jump. It was released with the 22nd episode on the 5th of August 2009. Ooga Jump takes place in the Sky.
Ooga Jump

Doodler as he appears in Ooga Jump.


The Objective of Ooga Jump is to see how high your Pygmy can reach by jumping on clouds. The height is measured in Oogles which is about 1/10 of a Pygmy. To make this game even more fun, there are four types of cloud. A normal cloud which bounces the pygmy higher, the rain cloud which freezes the pygmy so he doesn't bounce as high, the thunder cloud which lights the Pygmy on fire and shoots it higher into the sky than the normal cloud. Last of all there is the fake cloud; which disappears when you land on it. If you fail to hit a cloud you fall out of the sky and get flattened like a pancake. Lima Sky's Doodler also makes an appearance and tries to shoot the pygmy from a cloud. If the Doodler succeeds in shooting the Pygmy or the doodle touches the Pygmy, he plummets back to the ground.


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The Jet Pack

If you participated in the Get Pocket God in Your Comic Shop Contest (designed to raise awareness about the Pocket God Comics) you would receive a code to unlock the Jet Pack item, which takes the player even higher in the game. The code is to type in "Journey To Uranus" into the code box (all caps) or just reach 6,000 Oogles.


  • 2nd of August: The Jet Pack can be unlocked by buying a print version of the Pocket God Comic or reaching 6,000 Oogles.


  • If the player does absolutely nothing and the pygmy misses the first cloud after starting the mini-game, they will reach a total of either 405, 406, or 407 Oogles.
  • The first contest of the Olympygs (a contest featured in the Pygmy Peril) is Ooga Jump, and was introduced by Dooby.