The Pimp Skin Pack was released with Ep 38: Two and a Half Pygmies. It can be bought for 99 cents in the Customization Store.

Customization Abilities

This Skin Pack makes things in Pocket God Pimp style

  • Meteor - the meteor can be changed into Fly Rims or a Roll-ex Watch.
  • Dodo Bird - turned into a bird with a purple beak and cheetah print feathers called D. Magical Dodo Love.
  • Fish - can be turned into a Stack o' Fifties which looks like a stack of money.
  • Doodler - can be turned into a Pimp Daddy Doodler with a purple had and shirt and sunglasses.
  • T-Rex Egg - can be turned into a Fresh Egg.
  • Coconut - turned into Bling which looks like a diamond.
  • Outhouse - can be a Pimped Outhouse.
  • Spear - can be turned into a Pimp Cane.
  • Volcano - turns into a Money Volcano.
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into a Don Magic Ooga Statue.
  • Underwater Statue - turns gold with the words Pimp on it called a Pimp Cup Statue.
  • Moon - turns into a crown with red jewels called a Royal Crown. The Moon can also be turned into a picture of Ben Franklin.
  • Igloo - turns into a red car with a blue license plate called a Dope Caddie.
  • The islands of the Pocket God World get Pimp Extras with gold chains and patterns on the islands and other Pimp stuff. The Island of Misfit Crossovers and The Underwater Area don't get these extras..


  • Allan didn't want to create this Skin Pack, but it is one of Dave's favorites.