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A Piranha attacking a Pygmy

The Piranha is a fish that first appeared in Ep 23: Bait Master. It is exclusive to the Underwater Area. It is the focus of the Bait Master Mini-Game.

Physical Description

Bait Master

Picture from the "Bait Master" episode

It has a dorsal fin, pectoral fins and a caudal fin. It has blue eyes. It is colored orange, has a magenta-coloured dorsal fin and stripes.

"Bait Master" mini-game

Main Article: Bait Master (Mini-Game)

The piranha will only appear when the anchor icon is toggled on. When toggled on, an Anchor will appear on the seafloor. If you pick it up and drop it, when it hits the seafloor, a large clang sound will be made sending vibrations through the water, summoning a piranha. This will begin the Bait Master (Mini-Game). Draw a path from the piranha to a Pygmy with your finger to make the piranha swim towards that Pygmy and attack it. After biting the Pygmy several times, the Pygmy is killed have x eyes and floats to the surface and the piranha swims off. Another piranha will appear and this begins a mini-game where you see how many piranhas you can serve without them getting in contact with each other. The more Pygmies get eaten, even more piranhas appear. When two piranhas meet they will start to attack each other, causing all other piranhas to swim away. The two piranhas fighting are killed by each other and float to the surface, ending the mini-game. There are achievements for reaching certain numbers of piranhas served. Also, when the player creates a whirlpool when there are piranhas on-screen, they will swim away.

Pocket God Comics

Piranhas appear in Issue 2 of The Gem of Life comic series. They attack the Pygmies when they are in the water (due to a Tsunami Wave knocking over their turtle shell raft), but the Laser Shark arrives and zaps many of the piranhas as they come in for the kill. Nooby, wise as ever, states that "Big Fish saved us from Little Fish", but Ooga points out that the Laser Shark came to the Pygmies "aid" because it wanted to eat themselves and not let the piranhas enjoy the meal.


  • In real life, piranhas are freshwater fish, but The Underwater Area is saltwater, where piranhas wouldn't be able to survive due to the salt.
  • Piranhas are also available on Pocket God Facebook on the waters of Jungle Island.