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The first released picture of the game.[1]

Pocket God: Ooga Jump is a Pocket God-based game released by Bolt Creative on October 31, 2013[2]. It is based on the minigame of the same name in Pocket God, which itself is based off of Lima Sky's Doodle Jump. TouchArcade announced "Ooga Jump" on April 9, 2013, with Bolt Creative commenting on the announcement on the next day[3].


According to the post on the Pocket Blog, Allan and Dave came up with the idea to reinvent the original Ooga Jump minigame and implement a new game mechanic in addition to the jumping and also different death animations "that lay well outside the jumper paradigm". On June 4, 2013 EDT, Touch Arcade posted the first screenshots of Pocket God: Ooga Jump[4] containing three different areas. One appeared to be an area dubbed "Jungle", another appeared to be "Lava Tube" and the third appeared to be "Space" (as the post explained).


Ooga Jump - From the Creators of Pocket God

Ooga Jump - From the Creators of Pocket God



Episode 2: Does this Megabyte make my App look fat?


Screenshot of Nooby

Since the game is said to be too big, it was shrunk down from 350MB to 59MB. Also, the prices in the store are now 50% to 70% off (like the Gem Doubler that is now $1.99). The gem packs can now give you more gems.[5]

A Nooby skin was also added to the update.[6]


  • Nooby now has his complete facial features in this update.
  • He has a complete set of his own animations.

Episode 3: Home of the Grave


Pull yourself together, Zombie!


Icon for Ep. 3

There is a new Graveyard Theme included in the theme section in the store. It also included a Zombie skin, with its own set of animations.

As of 12/13/13


Icon for the third update


The artifacts as of 12/13/13

Ooga Jump is now free, although if you get the app, there will be ads. However, if you have bought the game before this update, the ads will not be there. Also, the old power-ups from the store will be scattered throughout the game instead of being purchased in the store, although all of them are temporary. These artifacts are:

The Ghost Charm: This makes the pygmy invincible to obstacles, though not to gravity.

The Jet Pack: This jets the pygmy Rocket past extra oogles. If you upgrade, the jet pack will attract gems as well! This effect also affects the “Save Me” feature, as well as Boosts.

The Gem Magnet: This attracts gems and gives you the gem’s sparkly height boost.

The Gravity Feather: This reduces gravity and slows the pygmy’s falling rate.

The Platform Spring: This increases pygmy’s jump height.

(Please do NOT modify the descriptions above. Those are the exact words that are written on the blog.)

The background themes are now in-app purchases, but if you have already bought it by gems, it will remain unlocked. [7]

As of 6/19/14

The Hatch/Ooga Jump crossover has been added, where the Fugu will be available to be played in Ooga Jump. All the player has to do is to get the free 'Ooga' plush and hand it to the Fugu. You only need the Hatch and Ooga Jump apps. [8]

Hatch Ooga Jump Crossover!

Hatch Ooga Jump Crossover!




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