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The Rock Island Tree adorning Rock Island

The Rock Island Tree, or Bonsai Tree, is a tree present on Rock Island. It was introduced in Ep 15: A New Home when the island was introduced, and cannot be toggled on or off.


The Rock Island Tree has no function besides simply making the island look better. It consists of a large reddish-brown trunk that curves up into two smaller branches (each with two branches of their own) that hold large bushes of dark green leaves. Also, green, ivy-like vines hang from the first of the smaller two branches. At the base of the tree, four bulbous roots anchor it in place a large green bush behind it, presumably on the back side of the island, but perhaps in the water. This tree overlooks the T-Rex Egg nest.

Dino Tree

The Rock Island Tree


  • The Rock Island Tree, the Pink Gumdrop Tree, the Pine Tree, and the Spider Web Tree are the only Pocket God trees that don't provide food.
  • When you perform an Earthquake, the Rock Island Tree, along with the Palm Tree, is the only tree that shake itself.
  • The Rock Island Tree has appeared in a fan video, where the creator suggest that there would be a spider in it. Obviously, the video was made before the relase of Ep 28: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy.
  • As of Ep 46: Germs of Endearment, a wooden sign, depicting a skull with crosserà bones, the campfire, and an arrow between them pointing at the fire, appears on the tree when at least one infected Pygmy is on the island. It's a kind of hint, a way to show the players how to get rid of the Pygmies's corpses.