The Root Beer is a beverage that the Pygmies drink on Pocket God on Facebook. They are found in the St. Pat Fridge.



A Pygmy drinking root beer

Root Beer is a jug of foaming, reddish brown root beer. The Pygmies slop a lot of root beer on themselves as they drink it, and then wipe their mouth when they are done. It is believed that root beer in Pocket God, although not in real life, contains alcoholic content, because after drinking it, a Pygmy will become a Drunken Pygmy and will stagger around acting like a stupor, burp, laugh at random things, and seem tired, the same thing that happens when a Pygmy drinks a Cocodrink.

Saint Patrick's Day "Fridge Madness" Challenge

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In light of Saint Patrick's day, a worldwide challenge was sent to all the players (as it was for Valentine's Day with Fat Cupid) for them to answer as many Pygmy requests for root beer as possible. The challenge was reached, so the fridge and its root beer were able to be kept for free.

Gallery of Pygmies Drinking Root Beer


  • When the player opens up the St. Pat Fridge, there is no root beer, but when a Pygmy opens the fridge up, there is one there.
  • Unlike the cocodrink, it is clear that all the Pygmies don't drink from one root beer jug because each pygmy finishes the jug they are drinking. Thus, the root beer never runs out.
  • The Root Beer in the thought bubble has foam dripping on the opposite side of the real jug of root beer
  • The Root Beer serves the same purpose as the Cocodrink
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