SkekDodo is a Rival God on Pocket God on Facebook. He is summoned by overusing the Dodo Bird.


He looks like an old, decrepit dodo demon because he has spikes on his back and a ragged cloak. He has a big, twisted beak and holds a crooked staff. He also has the familiar dodo's "antenna" with the orange top that the species has. His decription says:

The dodo demon, with his hard and twisted body, his harsh and twisted will. For a thousand years he has ruled.


His challenge is to sacrifice 25 Pygmies with the Dodo Bird in 24 hours, with the help of 5 friends. Your reward is his idol, 125 XP and 1,250 Sacrifice Points. When you complete this sacrifice, the SkekDodo will become an idol.


When SkekDodo is defeated, an idol is given. It gives double experience when killing Pygmies with the Dodo Bird. His idol is covered in disgusting goop, a reference to the dodo normally pooping on the pygmies.


  • He is the first god not to appear in Episode 2.
  • According to the Urban Dictionary, "Skek" is an unhappy occurance with a shade of humor.
  • SkekDodo used to require a staggering 2,000 pygmies, but the number had been ridiculously diminished to 25, the lowest of all Rival Gods.
  • The "Skek" title is a reference to the Jim Henson movie, Dark Crystal, in which the main villians are a race known as the "Skeksis" (and every member of this race also has "skek" in their name, such as "skekSo" and "skekUng"). The SkekDodo also looks very similar to the Skeksis.
  • The whole introduction is a clear reference to the opening of Dark Crystal.