Storm Clouds in the original game

Not to be confused with the Uranian Gas Clouds on Uranus

Storm Clouds are a type of cloud that are dark, dense, and typically cover the sky. They are able to be summoned on any island to generate inclement weather.


Pocket God Weather

Storm Clouds can be summoned by stroking rapidly across the top of the sky a few times, or by choosing the Storm Clouds in the world menu. Storm Clouds allow a few weather-related effects:


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To generate lightning, drag the cloud to a Pygmy, Dodo Bird or a Monkey and the victim will be electrocuted and will explode. When a Pygmy explodes, the force will propel the others into the air, and some may fall into the water. If a Dodo is electrocuted, it will turn into a Burnt Dodo Bird. While you are dragging the lightning, you can also make patterns and different designs, but when you let go of your finger, these will go away too.


Main article: Hurricane

Move your finger in a circular motion until the wind speeds pick up and the storm picks up everything on the island. While the Pygmies are in air, you can drag Lightning Bolts at them to play the mini-game Hurricane Zaps.

Ooga Jump

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One of the clouds in Ooga Jump is a storm cloud. These are much smaller than the normal Storm Clouds, and is meant to be jumped on as part of the Ooga Jump (Mini-Game). Jumping on one rockets the pygmy high in the sky! (a rough estimate of 150 oogles)

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus



Storm clouds on Uranus

As of Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo, Lightning was added to planet Earth. Besides being more high quality, the lightning serves the same purpose as it did in the original game. In addition, in Journey To Uranus Episode 3: Mercury Rising, the planet Mercury exhibits multi-touch lightning. Every two fingers on the screen constitutes a moving lightning streak. releaing one finger forces the stray lightning streak to connect with a separate stray streak.


Despite there being storm clouds, there is no hurricane yet in this game.

Pocket God Facebook


Lightning in the same in the Facebook version as it is in in any other version, except perhaps more blue than white. Except, the only difference is a little symbol appears when lightning is being used. The rival god that represents lightning is Zeus the Old King.


The Hurricane is the same as in the iPod version. However, the appearance of the storm clouds changes slightly when the hurricane is toggled on.