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"The Pygmies Strike Back!" is the ninth Pocket God series and the current Pocket God Comics series, with Part 2 released on April 30, 2013. The comic series is a 6 (possibly more) part comic series, with 5 parts out at the current time.

Part 1

Released: February 28, 2013[2]

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Cover for Part 1/Issue 21


App icon for Issue 21

The issue begins with Toola, who looked a bit dirty, hiding behind a big rock. A laser beam shoots from behind, but misses her. Another one shoots again as she scampers, but only her hair was cut. She hides behind a strong log as another laser beam cuts a small branch. She finds out that she had run all the way to the beach and thinks that she is too far to be hit by the laser, but proven wrong as she tries to run and finally gets killed off by another laser beam.

It is shown that Booga has been the one shooting her, as he teases her a bit before regenerating. Toola pops back above Linsee and Teela as Klik and the rest of the girls watch. Klik concludes that Sun, Moon and Kinsee share the first half of their gem while Linsee, Teela and Toola share the second half (revealing that Booga didn't only temporarily killed Toola, but the others as well). Booga tells Klik that this is his best experiment EVER. Kinsee becomes angry by this, so she snatches the laser from Booga and shoots him. Toola teases Sun of having Ooga as her boyfriend and asks of his whereabouts. Sun contrasts with this and says that he was worried after Nooby disappeared after the seaweed monster battle, adding that Nooby may be jealous of her hanging out with Ooga. Toola teases her again, only to be told to shut up.

Meanwhile, Nooby gathered the corpses of Sun, Teela and Ooga from issues 18-19 and formed a "fourgether gathering". He uses the cosmic wayfinder to determine who loves him the most. The wayfinder shifts at Ooga's corpse and Nooby is angered by this, so he forcibly pushes the pointer toward Sun. The wayfinder gets out of Nooby's grip and gets stuck on Ooga's corpse. Nooby sadly looks at "stitchy-itchy Sun". Ooga then arrives and is relieved to find Nooby, who is retrieving the wayfinder. Nooby tells Ooga about what happened to him while he was away, yet Ooga doesn't seem to understand it and becomes stunned.

Ooga spots the cosmic wayfinder and acquires information about it from Nooby. Nooby tells Ooga that it answers his questions by pointing at it, so Ooga tests the wayfinder by asking it whoever poured the coconut milk on Nooby for him to be eaten by ants.

He hands the wayfinder back to Nooby and tells the reason of his arrival. He states that he was looking for him to apologize for what he did. After realizing that Nooby doesn't seem to know what it is, he, devastated, exclaims that he is sorry for making him feel like nothing, making him not matter, and mostly, for not being a good friend to Nooby as he is to Ooga. Nooby, becoming happy for his words, hugs Ooga and exclaims that the wayfinder was right after all. The two proceed to play a game using the wayfinder or "thingy".

Meanwhile, out in a cliff, Moon and Klak are taking a hike as a post-daredevil relaxation activity. She offers Klak a dip in the tar pit as he spots it, although he refuses to do so. The two went to the edge of the cliff to see how big the girls' island (or peninsula in Teela's terms according to Moon). Klak is astounded by this and questions Moon of she and her tribe going there. She replies that it's too dangerous to explore there and that they all have what they needed already.

A loud snap distracts the two, making them turn behind them. Moon predicts that it's just a lizard, but Klak disagrees with this. Suddenly, a robot cat emerges out of the bushes and attacks the two. Klak rescues Moon, who feels agitated, from getting grabbed. After Moon tells him that they would just regenerate when it kills them, Klak becomes confident, but eventually gets captured in the robot's ribcage. Moon side-tackles the cat robot to the tar pit, thus making it and the two pygmies end up sinking and dying.

Meanwhile, in the island lab, Teela inserts her half of the gem inside a four-legged coconut as Klik watches. Suddenly, the coconut bounces off, much to the two's surprise while Klak and Moon regenerate. The coconut attacks Klak while Moon states "A coconut after my own heart". Klik inquires about what Moon and Klak were doing in the lab, to which Klak replies that he'll skip his "long story" to the end. He states that the Pygmies are no longer safe.

As the tribes gathered later at dusk, Dooby enjoys the "hug" from the night sky, although Klik and Teela are too concerned on what Klak told them earlier. The fact that the Pygmies are being pestered by yet another herd of fiends saddens Dooby. Booga then complains to Moon and Klak if the fiend is the same as the seaweed monster. The latter two tries to describe the cat creature earlier and share their opinions about it. Sun and Ooga inquire about why and who would try to capture them.

Klik and Teela are unsure on both questions. She explains that the presence of the new enemy is somewhat connected to the communication between Newbie and the cloud that spoke to him (found in issue 13). Sun asks about what exactly the two are thinking, to which Teela replies that their island is not safe for the girls to stay on. This enrages and confuses Sun.

Klik then suggests that the tribes would flee to their island, but Moon protests about it. Sun then also protests to Klik that they should go after the villain instead of running away. But when he tries to reason about why they should run instead, she states that the boy tribe are away from their home for a long time, which left Klik in utter confusion and silence.

Sun continues to protest and states that she had enough of hiding. Nooby was spinning his cosmic wayfinder when he heard "dang thing" and stopped. Ooga then brought up the "thingy" and explains to the rest that it helps finding what one is looking for.

Klik, upon seeing that Ooga and some of the other Pygmies think that the wayfinder would be of service, interrupts and explains his observations on it. But he was disregarded and Ooga asked the "thingy" to point to the enemy. The thingy points to the ocean, making him think that the enemy is out in the ocean....somewhere distant.

Sun then opens a poll for the Pygmies, asking who would be fighting the enemy and who would be hiding. When she asks on who would decide to hide, Nooby, Dooby, Klik, Linsee, Teela and Toola raised their hands. When the other question is raised up, Ooga, Booga, Klak, Moon and Kinsee raised their hands. Sun is included.

It was a tie, so she decided to split the tribes up, with the split gems determining the first trio of girls who would fight (Sun's part), and the last trio of girls who would hide (Teela's part). Booga retorts that the girls may have two gems, but the boys still share one gem, so Klik decides to split their gem into half, theorizing that it would work the same way as the girls'. But he and Klak are uncomfortable of the idea. After a complaint from Ooga, Klik asks the rest of the boys if they would agree to have their gem split, and all have agreed.

After the gem experimentation (which was skipped due to the space that it would take), Klak becomes utterly depressed at the results. He claims that he is wrong, which is true, and the gem split worked. But what saddens Klak very much is the fact that he wouldn't be going with Sun and the others. The second portion of the boys' split gem is the reason why, and Klik apologizes for it. Moon then tries to cheer up Klak, but his depression worsens, which resulted to a threat from Moon.

After Klik and Ooga discuss about the whole plan, where Klik worries about Ooga and the others, Ooga's group, riding on a raft, departs. The other team watches.

Later, in Klik's subconscious (this time, outer space), the owl, who appears as a constellation-like figment, awakens a sleeping Klik on a tiny planet. This surprises the said Pygmy, thinking that he would never meet the bird again. The owl states that he is not needed by Klik anymore. Klik points out that they got this far without the owl, to which the owl responds that Ooga's group is walking into a trap (due to Klik's actions not driven with proper thought).

Part 2

Released: April 30, 2013 [3]

The issue opens apparently at sunset where Dooby is seen packing up some stuff on the way to Oog Island on a raft as Klak is seen sitting and watching the hippie. Dooby blissfully states that he is looking forward to go home to meditate again, to which Klak gloomily replies that Klak should be out with Ooga's group...with Moon. Linsee, who is also carrying more stuff to the raft, complains at Klak's "sappy sob story", to where Toola comments that it's adorable and then states that she is a hopeless romantic.

Meanwhile, Teela is seen finding a green journal notebook while stating about how she is excited to go to Oog Island and the things she will discover. But Klak complains. Unfortunately for Teela, her bubble bursts when Klik comes by to announce that he will cancel the trip to his tribe's home, which surprises and delights Klak at the same time. The latter male Pygmy asks if they would go after Ooga, where Klik's response is "no" and that they will be going inland due to his recent encounter with the owl, who had previously stated that they are all in danger, especially Ooga's group.

This frustrates Klak, who then provides a seemingly valid reason to go after Ooga. Klik explains that going inland can save Ooga and the others because of a race of bird men said by the same owl in his dream. After a few moments, Klik and Klak start a petty argument on the dream owl.

The scene then shifts to daytime in a really hot dessert. Ooga and his group are seen walking under the sun, with Ooga on the lead with the "thingy" (cosmic wayfinder). Nooby, who is dehydrated and tired, complains of his dry tongue. Booga agrees, then asks for any water, to which Sun replies that he already drank. Ooga states that they all agreed to conserve their supplies and that the hot weather and the dessert was unexpected.

Sun then asks if the thingy could give distance aside from direction, to which Ooga seemingly answers "no" and that he predicts that the group would take a day or two to get to their destination. Nooby exclaims that he is the "bestest" at walking for that duration, but faints afterwards due to hunger and dehydration. Ooga tells Sun to give Nooby food and water for him to go on. Booga gets enraged by Nooby's treatment and wonders out loud to the others if he will also be fed if he faints. Kinsee harshly replies to Booga for being "pathetic". After exclaiming "BITE ME!", he receives a cannibalism threat from Kinsee.

Shifting back to the situation of Klik's team, the six Pygmies venture inland, with Klik, Linsee, Toola, and Klak pulling what looks like a large wooden cart with Teela's scientific equipment inside. At the same time, Linsee complains about the equipment making the cart very hard to pull, though Teela states that science can be a weapon if used correctly. Toola then complains about how the humidity of their environment is messing her hair, but Klak says that she should look out for the robot cats. Klik then states that Klak shouldn't scare everyone about the robot cats, pointing out that they haven't seen or heard the said robots. Klak answers by telling Klik that feeling the presence of the robot cats is enough.

At this point, Teela starts to doubt Klik's plans and thinks that Klak may be right, but Klik adheres to his belief, to which he says is a right thing to do, and tells Teela to have faith in him. But suddenly, a robot cat emerges out of the bushes, after Dooby warns him so. Before the robot can get Klik, a laser beam shoots it directly. It is revealed that Dooby had fired the laser, and tells everyone to stay back, shooting the same robot once again with the laser. Klak warns everyone of the robot's doing, saying that its way of attacking them is not to kill, but to "pygnap".

This is proven true when presumably another automaton cat (this could be the same automaton cat that Dooby shot twice earlier) "pygnaps" Linsee. Klak points to a green fruit, telling Dooby to get her away from the robot. The latter male Pygmy kicks the fruit towards the automaton cat, hitting the said automaton. But it runs away afterwards with Linsee still captured. This leaves the rest of the group a bit disheartened for losing Linsee, but Klik still persists on going to meet the bird men. This angers Klak to the point of arguing with Klik about the existence of the bird men. The latter Pygmy still believes in the bird men.

In five panels, a presumingly summary of Klik's group's voyage is displayed, having gone through heavy rain and trying to get past through automaton cats. The next day, the group of five is seen crossing a log bridge with Klik, Klak, Toola and Dooby pulling the cart with Teela's equipment. Later at night, the group sleeps under what seems like a large tree hole, except for Dooby since he guards the night with the laser in case of any automaton coming. The next morning, the group tries to hunt for food, with Klak trying to hit a white bird with a spear, but missing.

The scene is then switched back to Ooga's group, with a seemingly weakened Booga saying that he can't go any further across the desert. The rest of the group is revealed to be also weakened from lack of food and water, with Moon saying that they only have dried fish and a handful of berries for food and Sun saying that the water supply may last for only a day. Nooby then suggest to ask the "thingy" for food and water, to which Ooga agrees on.

Moon looks at the "thingy", stating that the more she looks at it, she is sure to have seen it before. Ooga asks where, to which Moon replies that she saw it back at the Pygmy cemetery, where one of the ghosts were holding it. This makes Nooby bring up how Darby led Nooby to the "thingy", even saying the other way around. Ooga dismisses the topic and asks the "thingy" for the nearest food and water supply, but the "thingy" doesn't respond, which kind of angers Kinsee. Ooga concludes that the food and water supply may be in the same direction his group is heading to, but Moon points out that if the supplies are "three sunrises away", it wouldn't help the group. Sun agrees, but Ooga urges everyone else in the group to continue walking.

The scene switches again back to Klik and his remaining group mates. They are staring across the horizon from the peak they're standing on. Klik sees and points out that almost every path they come across is flooded by rain. Toola then looks down below the peak to see three automaton cats climbing towards the group. Dooby tries to shoot the robots again with the laser, but the laser seems to run out of power, which Klik proves true. Because of this, Klak tells the others to use physical strength, to which Klik and Dooby complied. But the group is quickly outnumbered by the new automaton cats showing up. Klik tells everyone to use the water rain run-offs to carry them down the mountain, but Dooby is then captured before he could join the others.

Teela tries to retrieve her cart full of equipment, but Klik stops her. She doesn't want to lose all of her equipment, but Klik promises that he will help her build more. The group jumps to the run-offs, with Klik carrying Teela. While riding down the mountain, the Klak and Klik split paths and Toola is shown to be chased by an automaton cat. Klik, Klak and Teela reach the edge of the mountain and fall into the water. They resurface to find out that Toola didn't land with them, with Klak claiming that the automaton cat must have gotten her. The trio look at the surrounding group of automaton cats as the robots get closer. Klik loses hope, where he claims that Klak and Teela were right about the bird men not existing. Klik then tries to sink himself, much to the anger of Klak and to the shock and worry of Teela, but what looks like a bird's claw reaches out to grab Klik.

Part 3

Released: June 27, 2013 [4]

Part 4

Released: August 1, 2013 [5]

Part 5

Released: October 31, 2013 [6]





  • According to the Bolt Creative blog, the next arc, after possibly another one-shot, will feature the pygmies on entering a new era.
  • This is the very first story arc to have 6 parts.
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