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Welcome to my Pocket God Wikia profile!

I'm Alta! I'm a fan artist who likes a bunch of things. I may not be fully active on this wiki as I have multiple fandoms, but I'll try my best to make this wiki the best. :P


  • I'm ranking second on this wiki!
  • I made the 20,000th edit!
  • I also made the 21,000th edit!

Pages and categories that I made

So far, I made the following pages AND categories:

Neeboo (PG Comics)


Dangerous Dialog

Antagonists (Category)

The Gem of Death

Zombie Skin Pack

Monster Skin Pack

Grimm Skin Pack

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus Interactions (Category)

Ooga Jump (Category)



Slam Bounce

Yellow Gem

Adult Swim Games Skin Pack

Graveyard (Theme)

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